Ideas Are Bulletproof...



History is unfolding before our very eyes as the FREE PEOPLE of the United Kingdom have voted on the Brexit referendum, and have chosen to chart their own course by leaving the confines of the globalist driven European Union.

On such a historic day, I must stop construction on this site and post this incredible piece of news.  The tsunami of liberty that started with the Ron Paul Revolution, continued with the 2009 9/12 March on Washington, D.C., and pushed the outsider campaigns of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders against a global elite hellbent on placing humanity back into serfdom is now breaking over the United Kingdom.  Miracles never cease to amaze even this jaded, cynical writer as I watch the world awaken to the lies and corruption fed to us as a gift from above.  I expect to see more free peoples choose their own course and throw off the chains of the global technocratic movement that attained their initial foothold with the creation of the United Nations.

The global elite must heed this warning or suffer dire consequences.  In this new century, when the peoples of this great planet should be enjoying better health, wealth, and freedom, the global cabal wants to enslave us yet again with incessant destabilizing wars, famine, disease, economic bubbles, and debt as they turn nations and peoples against each other in order to make yet more profit, and brainwash the population into believing that they can only attain crumbs from the master’s table.

I applaud the citizens of the United Kingdom for ringing the bells of liberty and freedom first!  Hopefully, America will soon follow suit, as I for one, am NOT a citizen of the world, I am an American Patriot.





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