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RNC 2016 Benghazi Video And The Speech From ‘Tig’ And ‘Oz’

RNC 2016 Benghazi Video And The Speech From ‘Tig’ And ‘Oz’

For anybody that still believes that her highness, the empress, Hillary Clinton should be anything but an inmate at a high security penitentiary for her crimes against humanity, here is your WAKE UP CALL!  She and Barack Obama are directly responsible for the deaths of four Americans including one of their own administration by not sending reinforcements when Americans were being fired upon.  Personally, I believe that everyone in the consulate and the CIA Annex were supposed to be wiped out so as to allow the Manchurian Muslim and Hillary a path to write whatever story they wished in regards to international gunrunning through the ‘Fast and Furious’ program.  Unfortunately for them, John Tiegen, Mark Geist, and Kris Paronto (former CIA private contractors) survived to tell the tale and break the story to the public.

What really happened in Benghazi?

Benghazi Private Contractors John Tiegen and Mark Geist speaking about the attack on the consulate and the subsequent attack on the CIA Annex including the four Americans killed.

Finally, the entire ’13 Hours’ Fox News interview with the CIA contractors that aired over a year ago.

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